Meet the Bride and Groom

While they might appear to have very different backgrounds on the surface, the similarities between Katia and Lucas are tremendous given that they started their lives in two different countries as part of two different cultures.

Lucas was born in Schenectady, NY and not long after Katia was born in Beirut, Lebanon. If there are any psychology majors reading this, they are both the middle child of three children with older brothers and younger sisters. That might explain all of the attention they both require and their desire to perform at the dinner table.

While Lucas was busy pulling fire alarms, getting reprimanded by his teachers, and ensuring that his mother had very little sleep in upstate New York, his future partner-in-crime had moved across the globe from Beirut to Los Angeles and was busy throwing pool parties, dancing, singing, and ensuring it was all captured on camera in priceless home videos.

At about the same time that Lucas had discovered his passion for making an abundance of noise playing drums and “jamming” with his buddies, Katia returned to her birthplace of Beirut with her family and discovered her singing voice and her love of all things fashion.

Skip ahead a decade or so to Los Angeles, California…

After returning to LA from a nine year stint in Beruit, Katia had found her calling as a master of the cosmetic and esthetic arts.

Meanwhile, on the other coast, Lucas was a fresh graduate of Ithaca College feeling like a career as a renowned recording engineer awaited him in Los Angeles so he packed his bags drove solo towards the sunshine of La-La Land.

After traveling thousands of miles from their homelands, these nomadic lovebirds had chance encounter while working feverishly on the set of a movie in the Spring of 2004. The title of that film remains one of the most closely guarded secrets in Hollywood to this day.

Lucas was hard at work holding the microphone and generally pretending to be busy while stealing glances at Katia who was perfecting her craft of applying bruises, stitches, and blood-splatter effects to the “victims” in the movie.

After a seemingly prolonged period of pleading, Katia gave Lucas the time of day and the sparks flew. Luckily it was a rainy summer so no brush fires were caused by these sparks.

Since then, their lives have progressively changed for the better as they continue to pursue careers in competitive industries.

Lucas went on to decide that the film world needs him more than the music world, and he currently works as a video systems engineer for Digital Rapids. His days are spent traveling around Los Angeles helping people architect broadcast and post-production pipelines for some of the largest Hollywood studios and media facilities in the world.

Katia has traded her blood-and-bruise movie kit for the glamour and flash of Beverly Hills as one of the most sought-after makeup artists, eyebrow stylists, and estheticians in Los Angeles. She currently services celebrities and mortals alike at the hottest studio in town, Glitz of Beverly Hills, while continuing to bring a smile to those familiar faces who require extra special care with Oscar and Emmy season house calls.

Despite all of their personal successes, Katia and Lucas never would have ended up in the same place at the same time had it not been for two strong families who wanted nothing but the best for the both of them and gave endless amounts of support. They look forward to bringing these two families and histories together to share a common connection at their wedding.

Lucas + Katia = LuKa